Black Dog Safety, LLC


  • Project & Program Management - We manage environmental and health and safety projects and programs (over 200 in 12 states to date) in both the public and private sectors, often also serving as the subject-matter expert/liaison between military, other government agencies (OSHA, EPA, etc.), contractors, and the media.

  • Surveys, Audits, & Inspections - We conduct safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental surveys/audits/inspections of construction, general industry, and operations and maintenance (O&M) projects, procedures, processes, workplaces, and systems for compliance with existing safety, health, and environmental policies and regulations.

  • Pre-Project -We lead or attend pre-project/construction conferences, planning meetings, presentations, and discussions serving as the health, safety, and environmental resource and subject-matter expert for all stakeholders in the projects.

  • Research & Report - We research and interpret safety codes, occupational health and safety regulations, and environmental regulations, developed safety, health, and environmental policies and procedures, and report in oral presentations and/or written reports to executive-level leadership, project managers, project engineers, and all other organization levels, as appropriate.

  • DOT Services - We research and interpret Department of Transportation hazardous materials/waste regulations, report our findings, and make recommendations on proper shipping documentation, packaging, marking, labeling, placarding, loading, storage, and driver training and safety. 

  • Hazard Analysis - We perform job, process, product, and system hazard analyses (using tools such as JSAs, AHAs, PHAs, etc.) and develop / design / recommend immediate corrective actions; modifications of workplaces, processes, and systems; new or improved methods, procedures, and practices; and, engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment in order to achieve the elimination or reduction of the hazard or risk.

  • Accident/Incident Investigations - We perform accident/incident investigations for client organizations independently or as an organizational team member. We utilize multiple investigative methods such as safety-based root cause analysis (RCA), the 5 Whys, cause mapping, and change analysis as diagnostic tools in order to design successful corrective actions which would result in the reduced frequency, severity, cost, or outright prevention of future accidents, incidents, and occupational illnesses.

  • Training Program & Course Development/Management - We have developed and delivered over 1,800 courses/seminars to over 22,000 participants in the public, military, and private sectors in the areas of occupational health and safety (construction, general industry, maritime, oil & gas, and disaster response), industrial and wilderness rescue, and environmental protection. We assist organizations with the development of their in-house training programs, either broad-based or subject-specific, primarily utilizing the "ADDIE" model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) and promoting an "objectives-based" training philosophy.

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